We specialize in building Computers to suit your needs, whether you are a Student in need of a reliable machine to get your next assignment typed up! A Small Business that requires multiple machines running on one secure network or a Games enthusiast who desires only the latest and greatest in gaming technology!

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We've Got you covered at PCB Computers

Home & Office Computers

Need a new PC for your Home?

We design computers to your specific needs and budget,

let us know what you need and we will do all the work for you.

We also have pre-designed machines that are available on request

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Small Business Networks

Networking solutions for your Small Business.

Our networks are tailored to your business' needs.

We can design your entire setup from the ground up

We can maintain/upgrade your existing network and computers

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Gaming Computers

Are you a dedicated Gamer?

Whether you're a Beginner Gamer or an Extreme Gamer!

We have the latest technology to keep you in the games.

Virtual reality is here.. Take advantage of the new tech now!

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Website Development

Are you in need of a website?

Whether you need a website for business or personal use, we can develop a website to suit your needs

we also have a wide range of options including build your own site or managed wordpress sites..

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